The Parish of Saints Joachim and Anne » Shakopee Area Catholic School (SACS)

IMG_8340Hello from SACS! Click Here to Visit Our Website. Please take some time to browse through the information, pictures and video clips here. We hope that this will give you a helpful, though brief, introduction to Shakopee Area Catholic School (SACS). SACS is an incredible school.

We are blessed with an amazing school building surrounded by beautiful fields, gardens, and green spaces. The highly qualified faculty and staff members are dedicated to our education mission and our families are active participants in the education of their children. At the heart of what we do is our mission to, “Strive to meet students’ needs in a Catholic, Christian environment.”

Our faith is the key to our success as we work to develop at atmosphere of respect. Through this, we develop a wonderful environment for teaching and learning. And… SACS is a FUN place to be! I never cease to be amazed at the energy our students, faculty/staff and parents put into making our programs (of all kinds) fun and exciting.

You will soon discover that this is what you want for your kids!