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Letter from Fr. Erik

Dear sons and daughters in Christ,


Jesus said to him,

“Ephphatha!”— that is, “Be opened!” —

And immediately the man’s ears were opened,

his speech impediment was removed,

and he spoke plainly.”


In this week’s Gospel, Jesus miraculously allows a man to hear and speak in a completely new way. So often we get stuck in the same routine in life, the same assumptions, the prejudices, the same conversations with the same people. These aren’t necessarily bad things, but we must remember that Jesus “makes all things new” in the way he saves our souls and restores the world. What is God calling us to do or see or hear in a new way so that we can speak the Word of God and joyfully share the Gospel in a new way?!

PLEASE CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR for September 16 at 9:30am. Fr. Wittman will be returning to celebrate the school Mass at SACS and we will honor him with the presentation of our SUCCESSFUL 40 for 40 Honorary Fund. As you recall, Fr. Wittman’s retirement coincided with his 40-year anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. This is a chance for our parish school students to honor Fr. Wittman, since many of the younger children do not even know that he retired because his retirement happened after the school year had already ended. Without a doubt, it will be a heart-warming morning.

Finally, if you find that you aren’t quite as quick and limber as you used to be, we have a great opportunity for you! Partnering with Allina/St. Francis Hospital, we will be offering 10 sessions of a “Functional Movement Class – Keeping Older Adults Active,” beginning Tuesday September 15, after the morning Mass. Classes (9am) will be in the St. Mark’s parish center and water, coffee, and snacks will be provided!

Saints Joachim and Anne, grandparents of Jesus, Pray for us!

Father Erik Lundgren

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