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Please note this information is for 2015. Stay tuned for 2016.

Dear Parishioners,

Plans for the 2015 Saints Joachim and Anne Festival celebrations are well underway. Be sure to reserve July 24 – 26 for Julifest at St. Mark’s and August 16, for the Marystown festival. Both events are a wonderful expression of our faith community by providing fellowship, friendship, food and of course fun!

From ages 8 and up, there is something for everyone. With so many opportunities, you are sure to find something that fits in your schedule. We even have opportunities on the days leading up to the festival and the day after each festival.

Please take a moment to fill out one or both of the volunteer sign-up sheets. Once completed, they can be returned to the parish office (Parish of St. Joachim and Anne, 2700 17th Ave E. Shakopee) or placed in the collection basket at weekend Masses. If you would like to help in a specific area, complete the form and return it as soon as possible. The committee people would like start filling in their workers lists so the deadline for the volunteer forms is Monday, May 11, 2015.

Beanbag Tournament


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2015 Volunteer Sign Up Form

  • Set Up: Saturday August 15th, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, helping area heads & festival members setup each area of festival – putting out barrels, planks & wrapping them with plastic, chair set up indoor/outdoor.

    Tear Down: Monday August 17th, helping area heads & festival members tear down each area of festival – putting barrels & planks away, chair take down, set up indoor/outdoor & clean up of lower parish center.

    1.Cashier: an indoor position mainly working the day of the festival. Ideal for people who commonly work with money; because this area deals with the incoming & outgoing funds of the festival.
    2. Electrical & Mechanical: an outdoor position. Looking for people with experience or knowledge in these fields with a flexible schedule allowing time to work during the setup & tear down of the festival.
    3. Grounds & Environment: an outdoor position during the festival. This area is in charge of maintaining a clean environment by overseeing the disposal of trash. Teenagers welcomed!!!
    4. Parking: an outdoor position working the day of the festival. Maintaining the order of vehicles coming & going from the parking lot.
    5. Public Relations & Signs: a position that would require work to be done prior to and during the festival. The purpose of this area is to advertise and inform the public of our great event.
    6. Raffle Ticket Donations: this position takes place prior to and during the festival; perfect for individuals unable to be present the day of the event. An ideal area for outgoing people or people that may be out of town the weekend of the festival; this committee contacts previous donators and new contributors for this year’s raffle prizes.
    7. Kitchen Coordinator: this person is in charge of ordering all supplies and food for the dinner and hamburger stand, maintaining the buffet table, coordinating the serving line engineers, greeters and ushers.
    8. Serving Line Assistants: this position requires working closely with the coordinator to ensure that the buffet table is always stocked and the line runs efficiently. These people work only during the dinner serving hours.
    9. Greeter & Ushers: the position entails assisting individuals while in the buffet line and directing them to an open seat. A fun spot for those who love to chit-chat and meet people.
    10. Clean-up & Dishes: an indoor position during the festival. Requires working in the kitchen during and shortly after the dinner serving hours. Cleaning up and washing the items used during the food preparation.
    11. Coffee: this is an indoor position during the dinner hours. Ideal for couples that love coffee. You will assist in the preparation and delivery of the coffee to different areas.
    12. Coleslaw: indoor food preparation. Prepare coleslaw by following the festival’s secret recipe and ensuring the buffet table bowls are always prepared for serving.
    13. Dinner Rolls & Breads: indoor food preparation prior to and during the dinner. Partake in the preparation and arrangement of donated dinner rolls and assorted nut breads. Snacking allowed!!
    14. Dressing: indoor food preparation. A great spot to work for people unable to be there on Sunday because the majority of the work is done on Saturday. Prepare by following an age-old recipe and maintain buffet serving containers.
    15. Fruit Salad: a fun and fruity indoor job prior to the dinner. Prepare fruit salad on Sunday morning and be sure that the supply is always ready for the buffet line.
    16. Ham & Corn: indoor food preparation prior to and during the festival. The simple task of arranging ham on trays, warming up the corn and providing both for the dinner serving area.
    17. Pies: indoor fun for desert lovers. Slicing and presenting pies, donated by parishioners, for the buffet. Taste-testing is the best!!
    18. Potatoes & Gravy: indoor food preparation during and prior to the Sunday dinner. This position entails making and providing the buffet table with both items. Perfect for couples who like to be in the kitchen — does require some heavy lifting.
    19. Relishes: indoor food preparation prior to and during the dinner serving hours. Arrangement of relish and vegetable trays for the buffet table.
    20. Sausage: indoor food preparation. Requires placing pre-made sausage in roasters to warm prior to the dinner and replace when buffet table runs low.
    21. Turkey: indoor food preparation that takes place primarily on Saturday; great for those with no time available on Sunday. Working closely with the dressing people to carve and de-bone the turkeys. Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!
    22. Dinner Ticket Sales: an outdoor job during the buffet serving hours. Perfect for individuals who do not like to be on their feet. The primary job is to sell dinner tickets for the mouth-watering meal.
    23. Head Waitresses: indoor/outdoor job during the Festival dinner. In this area you will oversee the set- up and cleaning of the dining tables, coordinate the schedules for the waiters and waitresses in the center or the event, a wonderful place to work if you enjoy children; one of the most important positions to making the dinner more enjoyable.
    Waiters & Waitresses: all children, in the parish, from the ages of 8 to 12 are required to set & clean tables.
    Milk Runners: the older children are selected to get milk from the walk in cooler and bring it to the dining areas.
    24. Country Store & Chance Tickets: and outdoor job under the beautiful tent. Perfect for the crafters, gardeners, and bakers. A fun & friendly place to sell donated items.
    25. Beer Stand/Cheer Wagon: an outdoor position. For the person that loves to socialize. Must be 21 years old to provide beverages to the thirsty festival visitors.
    26. Wall of Wine: an outdoor position. For the wine enthusiast that enjoys selling chances to win boxes of wine. Must be 21 years old.
    27. Hamburger Stand: an outdoor position working with finger foods. An upbeat fast-paced & energetic place to work. Involves making and serving hamburgers, sandwiches, snacks & pop.
    28. Snack Shack: an outdoor dessert area. Serving an array of pies slices, caramel apple treats and ice cream snacks. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!!!
    29. Snack Walk: an outdoor game for kids. Works like a cake walk, but the prizes are snacks and pop.
    30. Children’s Games Ticket Sales: an outdoor job selling tickets for all the kids’ games. For the person who enjoys constant action.
    31. Kid’s Wagon: an outdoor job. Selling chances for a wagon filled with all the treasures a child could wish for and more.
    32. Basketball: an outdoor game. Enjoy kids & basketball? This is the game for you, it’s hoops of fun!!! Kids over the age of 13 welcome to work; adults too.
    33. Face-Painting: an outdoor game for the younger kids. For the undiscovered artist; a great place to put your talent to use painting designs on children’s faces.
    34. Fish Pond: an outdoor game for the younger children. Guaranteed to hook, line & sinker a smile on the face of the child every time you present them with their prize on the end of their fishing pole. Kids from the age of 13 can sign up to work here also.
    35. Prize Tree: an outdoor kids game providing a variety of prizes to patiently awaiting customers. Be prepared to have fun; this is our most popular game and the action doesn’t end until the last prize is gone. Everyone over the age of 13 is encouraged to sign up; adults required also.
    36. Tractor Train Rides: an outdoor activity for the younger children. Provide loads of fun by driving the tractor or assisting the riders on their short ride. Adults and individuals over the age of 16 requested to join the FUN!
    37. Ring Toss: an outdoor game. Provide hours of fun and a challenge to everyone who attempts to ring the bottle and win a pop.
    38. Chicken Plop: an outdoor game. Selling spots on a board to avid fans of the “sport” of chicken plopping. Touching chicken and droppings is not a requirement. This is a fun place to joke & laugh; the perfect spot for the outgoing individuals.
    39. Bingo: an outdoor game. An age-old classic providing entertainment for all ages. Hand out cards, collect money and deliver the prizes. This game only runs from 11-4; great for those who can only commit an hour or so.
    40. Pulltabs: an outdoor gambling game for all the individuals that are 18 or older. Be the one who presents the lucky winner with more money to contribute to our great festival!!!
    41. Show Down: an outdoor gambling game for all the individuals that are older 18 or older. Love cards, shuffling and dealing — this is the perfect game for you!!! Help some lucky individuals double their money.
    We hope that these brief descriptions of each of the areas that need workers is helpful in helping you select which area to volunteer your time and efforts. We ask you to please remember that in order for the festival to be a huge success we need the involvement of each and every parishioner. If you have further questions on anything please feel free to contact anyone on the festival planning committee.

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